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My TMNT Projects

My Lair Playset

The Lair Playset

This is the largest project I have undertaken concerning the TMNT. It's a playset made from wood, mat-board, and various other materials. It weighs in at approximately 60 lbs. and is 4 feet long by 2 and a half feet wide by 3 and a half feet tall at the water tower. The basic design is that of the Turtles home in the Secret of the Ooze, Movie III, and The Next Mutation show. I started working on the project in 1999 and finished in December of 2004. I am still getting more pictures and sketches accumulated, so there could be more in a week from now. It consists of three basic levels: Level 1 is the old subway station. Level 2 is the sewer, or the pipe level. Level 3 is the street, which contains another level on top of it in April's Apartment/Antique Shop building.

Level 1

The Old Subway Plateform Entrance

The entrance was one of the more difficult tasks in this project. First the area had to be raised, so stairs could lead into the main area. There are seven separate arch pieces made from pine wood and cut with a jigsaw. All these arch pieces had to fit together on top of the pillars. The entrance design was taken from the Secret of the Ooze when Mikey fell through, and found their new home. The ladder and hand rail (on stairs) were made from wooden dowels and balsa wood.

The Old Subway Area

The archway area was the first I designed and had planned to build (upper left). The right side wall has caved in rocks with a man hole door to the "hanger." The main archway consists of five arches that were then slated over using narrow, flat boards. The bottom pic is a construction picture which shows the archway without the subway car and the other stuff. One open space was left on the far left of the roof for stained glass (lower right). The stained glass is colored tissue paper in the design taken from the beginning of TMNT III. Behind the stained glass there is a battery powered light, which lights up the entire archway with color.

The Old Subway Car

The subway car was another troublesome aspect. I thought through a few ways of making it and decided to make it from a material called mat board. Mat board is a super sturdy cardboard than is more durable than many woods. It is also thin and easy to work with, making it an ideal craft material. The subway car is as long as the main archway. The sketch is much shorter than the finished product. On the right side of the subway car lies Splinter's area, complete with meditating pad and miniature Japanese artifacts. The left side is Raph's room, complete with bed and Metallica poster. The subway car can be removed from the left side of the archway. The curved roof is also removable for play accesibility.

The Hanger

The hanger was something neither from any show, comic, or movie, but a place to put some of their many vehicles. The hanger goes up through Level 2 to the base of Level 3. A man hole connects the hanger with the main archway. The Blimp can be hung in here, along with many other vehicles. It also makes a nice work place for Donatello and Casey.

Level 2

Level 2 is the sewer. There are pipes that connect to the hallway in which the Turtles are walking when they discover their new home (Secret of the Ooze). Above the sewer hallway lies a manhole cover and a grate which the Turtles can wait for their pizza. The sewer level is covered in Turtle related graffiti such as "Boot the Foot" and "Cowabunga."The pipes also make for some great skatboarding and sewer surfing!

Level 3

The Street

The street is really more of a back ally. With some beat up sidewalk and old telephone wires. This is a great place for some good old Turtle vs Foot fights.

April's Building

April's building is designed after her apartment in Movie 1. She lives on the second floor, right above her old antique shop. On the roof there's a water tower, great for roof top battles. Whenever the Turtles get sick of the sewer, they can simply come and visit April.

The Warehouse

The warehouse is not what it appears from the outside. Inside lies the Turtles very own garage! Don can work on engine rebuilding or just figuring out his latest invention. This two-car warehouse is a great place to park a couple of the Turtles ever growing number of vehicles.

The Back

On the back of the playset is a mural I drew a couple of years ago. It is described in detail on the "Drawings" page of my site. When I made it, a cut it to fit the back of the lair, so I could see the progression of the Turtles when ever I wanted to.

My Tree House

The Beginnings

The Tree House was a project I started when I was around 12 years old. It is loosely designed after the old cartoon lair.
When it was first built I had no intention on making it into the Turtles sewer lair. As the walls went up and a roof was built I thought of the idea. Soon the walls were painted gray and carpet was installed. Outside some walls I painted with murals like an elephant and a giraffe. I used to dwell in this Turtle hang out often, but recently it has been abandoned. It still is cool though.

The Layout

This is a basic plan for the Ninja Turtle Tree House. It's pretty simple, but there are little floors on top without walls or anything.

The Sign

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Logo was a small project in its self. I used a pattern to draw the outline on a piece of wood. Then I cut the logo out using a jig-saw. From there I painted it and made fixings so it could be hung upon the wall.

The Tech

Top: An old computer monitor not cuurently connected to anything.
Middle: A small wooden case. I built this with a kit I recieved one year for Christmas. The writing is a form of Japanese I found on the internet and says "Ninjitsu Master" or somthing close to that.
Bottom: A television set. We (friends and little brother) used to go up in the Tree House and watch movies or play the 64 (the "new" system at the time) and relax on the inflatable sofa. The border is designed after the Turtles televisions that came with the Toon Playmates toys. It's made from cardboard and paint.
The Desk: This desk is a piece of wood which I first painted green. Then I took images off the computer and drawings I did, and glued them onto the wood. Next I layed a special Epoxy glue over the top (several coats) and preserved a beutiful desk!

The Entrance

This is one of the two doors in the Tree House. This entrance is designed after sewer outlets in the old cartoon. There are smaller outlets painted on the walls else where as well.

The Sofa

This is the sofa next to the other entrance. It was on sale at KB Toys so I bought it a few years back. Before the sofa there were plastic chairs. The other door which is visible is a sheet nailed to the wall which hangs over the door. There is also a bulliten board on the adjacent wall.

Turtle RC Hot Rod

This was a regular RC Car which I made into a TMNT Hot Rod. On the spoiler I put the new show's logo and it looks pretty good. The top is green with shell print and the sides are yellow. I added a little "Pizza Power" flag because the a lot of the old vintage vehicles had one. It still works well even though it's about five years old.

Turtle Pumpkin

This is the pumpkin I carved for Halloween. (2003)

Raphael Costume

This is a costume I made in 1999 for Halloween. The mask is from 1988 and made for children, so it doesn't fit a 14-year-old very well. The shell is made from a trash can lid, with spray paint and marker. The body is a sweater and sweat pants with yellow felt for the belly. I have sais now that go well with the costume.